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The man who renounced Australia


This is extremely important. I can’t wait to hear more from Murrumu and his journey on getting back to country and living the old ways. 



Then read this and possibly sign this.

My tribe isn’t federally recognized, so we’re basically invisible to the government (you can read about that here). This dam raise is a super huge threat to our culture; stopping it from happening is really important.



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#Tinafontaine s #family at her and #FaronHall #vigil. Tina was a 15 yr old #native girl who was found murdered and dumped in the #redriver in a bag on aug 9 2014 #Winnipeg #inm #idlenomore #mmiw #cfs# Nativeamerican #canada #aboriginal

SD Police Say Tazing 8-Year-Old Native Girl Was Justified, Family Sues


The Chief of Police justifies the use of a tazer on an 8 year old girl by saying they could have used their guns or batons, essentially. What restraint.




From April to December of the year 1904 was the St. Louis World’s Fair in Missouri. The fair celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase from France. It was described by the media as an international and historical exposition that showcased how the U.S. progressed and progressed as a new colonial nation.

To highlight the “U.S. achievements” Americans brought a number of indigenous peoples and those from whose home nations were colonized by the U.S. for display in villages or reservations within the fair grounds.  These indigenous groups were brought to show to the American people how “backwards” and “uncivilized” they were. The people from the Philippines, which was recently purchased from Spain and turned into a colony, who were brought over to the fair to be showcased in a human zoo were seen as “primitive” to their onlookers.

One of these groups were the Igorot from Northern Philippines. In media advertisements they were described as a group of “savages,” “headhunters,” and “dog-eaters.”

For the duration of the fair, 110 members composed of men, women, and children were placed on display in the Igorot Village. They are “studied, inspected, stared at, peered at, denigrated, pitied, and despised,” by thousands of fairgoers. As part of their acts the fair administration required them to perform daily dog feast for their meals for their white American audience to make a profit out of their explotation. The Igorot Village eventually became the most popular exhibit at the fair from their abuse, exploitation, and being used as a human zoo.

Today descendants of the Igorots in the U.S. don’t want to be called by their ethnic group names. They, with a large number of Pilipin@s, feel a sense of shame, guilt and depression which comes from the abuse their ancestors went through during the World Fair and in which caused stereotypes among Pilipin@s such as us being dog eaters. The stigma caused from the human zoos during the World Fair has stayed even today.

The Goal of the Project:

The Ifugao Hut Healing Project was initiated by Mamerto Tindongan, an Ifugao descendant and mombaki (shaman) who has a knowledge of the indigenous healing traditions of Northern Philippines. He is a Pilipin@-American immigrant based in Ohio, who practices a combination of both Eastern and Western healing traditions. He believes that performing a ritual at the former site of the St. Louis World’s Fair will help address the deep psychic wounds of his people and the colonial relations between Pilipin@s and the United States.

The project is meant to honor those who were mocked and put on display in the Igorot Village and their descendants. The goal is for Mamerto, who is also an expert wood carver and professional sculptor, to build a traditional Ifugao hut. It will be patterned after the same hut found at the 1904 Igorot Village. It will be composed of transportable parts, to be taken and reassembled in St. Louis, Missouri.  The hut will serve as the symbol of peace and the central structure whereby healing rituals can be offered to Pilipin@ communities, as well as non-Filipino communities.

There is a crowdfunding fundraiser for the project. For those interested and willingly to help donate to the construction of the hut here is the link to the fundraiser.

If you want to see the video for the project with Mamerto talking and showing the idea behind the hut visit here.


Soldier Missing from Fort Bragg, North Carolina




her mom, Janel Striped Wolf, is updating the search on FB; it should be noted that though Juliet has been missing for weeks, the police would not allow her to file a missing persons report until August 16. the Army was not working with her mother to locate Juliet either, even though Janel had reason to believe that Juliet was in a physically abusive relationship, and actually gave her false information on Juliet’s whereabouts. here’s some of Janel’s notes on her daughter’s suspicious disappearance:

Private Juliet Striped Wolf served in the 92nd unit in the Civil Affairs Co., Headquarters Co. She is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and half of her lineage comes from First Nations, of the Blood Band of Alberta, Canada.

My daughter was under great duress leading up to the days of her last sighting. My daughter was last seen accompanied by an individual who was a threat to her, I base this on statements my daughter made to me and to the fact that this individual failed to appear in a court of law to face an assault and battery charge recently. Her commanding officer informed me of the nature of this person and felt that it was this person’s actions and behaviors that led to my daughter leaving her base apartment on July 1st.  In the course of the military’s investigation, my daughter’s roommate attested to the fact that there had been escalating behaviors toward my daughter that leads me to believe my daughter’s health and safety are compromised. Her roommate also said there were escalating phone calls and visits of a domestic violence nature and that this individual was taking all of my daughter’s money. My daughter has no criminal record, no misconduct and I was told by her commanding office that she was a “good soldier” and he was shocked that she was gone.  This brings a murky, often under reported scenario into specific relief. My contention is that if this person was a man, and he was a known criminal and was wanted on charges of a violent nature I believe the response to my concerns that my daughter was coerced to leave the base and may be under the control of this individual would be taken much more seriously. Instead, my concerns fall on deaf ears, and I have been criticized when I challenge the military and have been the recipient of comments such as “well your daughter is AWOL; there’s nothing that can be done for her.” Perhaps nothing will ever be done and she will someday haunt the online pages of missing person’s websites and databases but I am one Lakota Woman who will never give up seeking to bring attention to matters such as these. 

This pattern of providing misleading information I categorize in the following list: being told by the base on more than one occasion that my daughter was now stationed in Ft. Benning, GA was untrue, being denied the right to make a report and being told my only recourse is to file with my local police department were baseless. I went to the ASU police department and spoke to Officer Janda badge #569 the night of July 29, 2014 and was told they don’t have jurisdiction and he could not take a police report. The end result is that my daughter is still missing, and I believe in danger, and the trail that started a month ago is growing colder by the day. 

My contact information is below:

Janel Striped Wolf

Facebook:  Janel Striped Wolf

2926 S. Mollera

Mesa, AZ 85210


she also has been writing some (heartbreaking) notes to her daughter, and asks that people share them widely in hopes that Juliet will see them, wherever she is:

Wherever you are know that mom loves you so much. I wait everyday to hear from you and I can’t understand why we haven’t heard from you. I tell myself the reason must be an important one as you know your mom loves you and accepts you, no matter what. I will advocate for you and I want you to know that the American Indian people and Indigenous people from Canada, and from around the world are concerned for your safety. We come from a spiritual place, our sacred homelands, and because of this we are spiritual people. I have heard from people all throughout our country, their voices are rising as is our collective strength. You do not come from nowhere, and we are not “no one important”; quite the contrary, as Indigenous people we are powerful because of where we come from and we are loved. Your little sister misses you so much and so do I. It doesn’t matter what has happened…know that we love you and want you to come home…I believe with all my heart that you are alive and well somewhere…if you are a friend of Juliet’s and you know where she is or have had contact from her know that you are not protecting her, you are keeping her from her greatest support, her family…If she is hurt… know that I will never stop looking for answers and will never stop trying to find her. 

Juliet—if you are reading this I am advocating for you but I am facing the great stress. There are those who are impersonating me or my daughter on other websites around the world and posting saying she is fine, and others wishing us death. She may be awol/deserter and worthy of death in your minds, but know that she is my daughter and I stand with her. I will not stop until she is found by the military, any police department or she calls me. If you have proof, and can prove it is her beyond a reasonable doubt, call me. I am an Indigenous woman who lives a quiet life, I don’t post in a mean spirit, I don’t say cruel things to people on posts or anywhere else. I do not like attention but for my daughter I will lead the way as long as I can, Juliet—I need to hear your voice, please call me, it doesn’t matter, I brought you into this world and I will stand by you, I love you, I need to hear from you. I said I will never give up and I won’t, no matter how much I hurt. 


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Peru Legalizes Murder of Indigenous, Environmental Protestors and Activists

Some of the recent media coverage about the fact that more than 50 people in Peru – the vast majority of them indigenous – are on trial following protests and fatal conflict in the Amazon over five years ago missed a crucial point.

Yes, the hearings are finally going ahead and the charges are widely held to be trumped-up, but what about the government functionaries who apparently gave the riot police the order to attack the protestors, the police themselves, and – following Wikileaks’ revelations of cables in which the US ambassador in Lima criticized the Peruvian government’s ‘reluctance to use force’ and wrote there could be ‘implications for the recently implemented Peru-US FTA’ if the protests continued – the role of the US government?

That law, no. 30151, was promulgated in January this year and is, according to the IDL’s Juan José Quispe, a modification of existing legislation passed by the previous government. The modification consists of replacing three words – “en forma reglamentaria” – with another five – “u otro medio de defensa” – which Quispe says means that any soldier or police officer can now kill or injure a civilian without needing to use his or her weapon ‘according to regulations’, or by using something other than his or her weapon.

“We continue considering this law as one that grants the armed forces as well as the national police a licence to kill,” Quispe told the Guardian. “It permits a high degree of impunity. During the repression of social protests, police officers and soldiers who cause injuries or deaths will now be exempt from criminal responsibility.